Parliament pardons Prof. Dodoo

Scientist and Lecturer at the School of Medicine and Dentistry of the University of Ghana Professor Alex Dodoo has been pardoned and discharged by the privileges committee of Parliament for the contemptuous comments he made against the house.

The decision to pardon and discharge him was announced on the floor of Parliament, Friday.

The Privileges Committee decided to pardon and discharge the professor due to the apology he rendered to the House when he appeared before the committee.

The committee also cautioned him to be careful when making comments about Members of Ghana’s parliament.

The lecturer incurred the wrath of the lawmakers following his claim that MPs are “ignorant” and lacked knowledge on the Ebola vaccine trial which was scheduled to take place in Ghana.

The Ministry of Health suspended the Ebola Vaccine trial after the news broke about the clandestine procedure under which the trial was being conducted in the Volta region