Finance manager, 35, needs $35k to save his life

A 35-year-old finance manager Gerald Bonney is in need of $35,000 to undergo surgery for a kidney transplant.

Bonney has used all his life’s savings to treat his ailment. He was diagnosed with a kidney failure about a year ago. He went to the hospital to be treated for pneumonia but was diagnosed with kidney failure.

Bonney undergoes two dialysis per week which cost Gh¢190 per session.

“I had wanted to die on that fateful day. Life wasn’t all that good for me again because I’ve actually had a family member dying of kidney problem, so I know a little bit of it. When I was told I had a similar problem I thought life was over for me,” Bonney told Starr News.

According to the married man with a two-year-old son, his plans to further his education and take care of his family have been shattered.

He confessed to Starr News’ Abena Owusu Nyamekye he cannot raise the whopping amount for the surgery. For Bonney, the disease is a test of his faith in God and strongly believes he will sail through.

Bonney is counting on your benevolence to help him have a successful transplant. If you want to help, kindly write to for details.