‘The rain has it’s season’ – Bulldog replies Samini

Self acclaimed dancehall king Shatta Wale has apologized to all and sundry especially media houses,bloggers and fellow musicians and has asked for peace.

Samini responded to Shatta Wale’s apology in a disguised post yesterday and surprisingly,Bulldog has also responded in another disguised post.

“The SUN has a longer period to shine.”. Samini’s name comes from his ancestral allusion to the rain God. Rain represents renewal and nourishment.

Bulldog is now saying the rain, won’t rain forever and the Sun will always come up. We don’t want to conclude who the #SUN is, but we have an idea.

Here’s what Bulldog wrote in a Facebook post:

“Don’t forget you are the #raingod, The rain has a season to rain but the #SUN has a longer period to shine.
So all this while you wished to be the #SUN and shine again. Please wait till June, July next year to fall again. The rain can never be the #SUN
The rain is meant to fall… And the #SUN is meant to shine. #mumswords
The SUN is a STAR. #sikanhyira #magicalyear”