Ghanaians must pay more for electricity – Power Minister

Power minister, Dr. Kwabena Donkor, has warned Ghanaians to be ready to pay more for power supply.

According to him, paying more for power will improve production and supply of electricity.

Dr. Donkor speaking at the commissioning of a rural electrification project at Kulbia in Bolgatanga added that electricity consumers defaulting in the payment of their bills will be prosecuted.

“I’m pleading with the youth in the catchment area of NEDCo (Northern Electricity Distribution Company) that I have zero tolerance for vandalism.

“Anybody, irrespective of party colour, irrespective of ethnicity, irrespective of gender, irrespective of social status, who vandalises any of the assets under my charge will face the full rigours of the law.

“I am fed up with some small segment of our youth dragging our name into disrepute. There is no impunity in the power sector. If you steal power, we will arrest you and take you to court. If you steal power, we will treat you as a thief,” the minister said.

Reiterating government’s commitment to weaning off NEDCo from the the Volta River Authority (VRA), Mr. Donkor indicated that this goal cannot be attained so long as some consumers of electricity continue to default in paying their electricity bills.

“The days when we saw electricity as free are over, and we must recognise our new reality. Our traditional fathers; I want to implore you to let your sons and daughters know that everyone must pay for electricity consumed.

“And, therefore, I appeal to our traditional rulers to set the example. Palaces are not exempt from the payment of electricity bills. We also want to implore you to ensure that we conserve power in our various localities,” he stressed.

Seventeen communities are benefiting from the newly commissioned project. Each of the communities has been provided with a transformer.