We can’t communicate in darkness – Volta sch for the deaf

Students of the Volta School for the Deaf in Hohoe are appealing to the general public to support them with a generator set because communication between them stalls whenever the power goes off.

According to the students, the erratic power supply keeps worsening and it is having a heavy toll on them due to their hearing and speech impairment.

The students who, communicate through sign language, are left stranded in the evenings during power outages, as they are unable to see and interpret their own gestures in darkness.

They are therefore left with no option than to retire to early bed, since the school does not have a standby generator to remedy the situation.

Speaking to Starr News’ Volta regional correspondent Lambert Atsivor, the headmistress of the school Diddy Ntim, said the situation is a major “headache” to management.

“We use our eyes to see what we sign, so when the lights are off, everything goes mute, because we cannot communicate in darkness. So we need a standby generator to use in times of lightoff. We’ll be grateful if people will support us,” Ntim appealed.