Another British Airways plane grounded at KIA over technical fault

Another British Airways flight scheduled to take off from Ghana’s Kotoka International Airport (KIA) in Accra to London Monday night was cancelled due to a severe technical fault.

Engineers spent several hours troubleshooting, but when the fault was eventually fixed hours later, the flight was refused clearance to fly after their grace period expired.

According to a British Airways official, the truck carting the luggage into the plane hit the base of the aircraft making it impossible for it to take off. He assured that the safety of passengers is the utmost priority of the airline.

“The safety and security of our customers, crew and aircraft are our highest priorities at all times, and will not operate a flight unless we are absolutely sure it is safety to do so” an official statement noted.

This is the fourth time in two months a British Airways plane has been grounded at the Kotoka International Airport over technical issues or engine failure.

A passenger who revealed the development to said they were on board the flight for several hours as the technical crew struggled to fix the technical problem.

He told that all the passengers were lodged into different hotels in the capital with the assurance that they would be booked to travel today.

Another distressed passenger who complained of missing an important meeting in London confirmed to that he is yet to hear from officials of British Airways on when the trip to London will come off.

“One of the crew members told us that the plane has developed a technical fault so we have to wait for an hour for the problem to be fixed. We eventually waited for over four hours and they later told us that they are yet to get clearance from London if the trip would be possible,” the passenger stated.

“But they later told us that we can’t travel and they have to lodge us in some hotels in the country, but I told them I would return because my house is not far so I am home now waiting to hear from them.” sources have also confirmed that the same plane was grounded in London July 13 due to a technical glitch.