BNI, Military, Police et al owe ECG Ghc26m

It has emerged that the Bureau of National Investigations, the Ghana Police service and many other state institutions in the Eastern region are heavily indebted to state power distributor, the Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG).

The state institutions, 18 in all, owe the ECG a total of GHc26,244,950.00, documents intercepted by Starr News has revealed.

The list of the debtors was compiled by the power distributor in June this year. The Police and the Prisons services emerged as the institution with the most liability.

Ghana Police Service owes GH3,612,104.24, while the BNI is indebted to the tune of GHC64,004.80. The Koforidua Government Hospital owes GHC2,632,561.96.

Other institutions include, the Holy Family Hospital whose debt has accrued to GHC458,985.75 while that of the Bureau of National Communication is in excess of also GHC235,831.45. The St. Joseph Hospital is also in arrears of GHC652,591.90.

The document also revealed that the Begoro Government Hospital owes the ECG GHC375,811.05, while the Atibie Government Hospital also has a debt of GHC277,724.37 to clear. The military training center in the region is also heavily indebted to the ECG.

Others are; the Oda Government Hospital which owes GHC728,174.97, the Asamankese Government Hospital whose debt has climbed to GHC198,642.79 while the St. Dominic Hospital has piled up a debt of GHC 818,179.06.

Meanwhile, a statement signed by the Power Minister Dr. Kwabena Donkor has warned the ECG against disconnecting power to the debt laden institutions.