No Regrets For Choosing Wales Over England – Gareth Bale

Gareth Bale had the opportunity of choosing a more fancied English Three Lions team to play for but he chose to be nationalistic and opt for this own unfancied Wales.Bale is on the verge of leading Wales to their first major international tournament since 1958, but his decision to reject playing for England cost him “millions and millions of pounds”.

That’s what his agent, Jonathan Barnett, has claimed, reportedly saying at a Soccerex Convention in Manchester that competing at Euro 2016 for England, and not Wales, would have made the world’s most expensive footballer even more valuable.

“He could have qualified (for England) through his grandmother and I tell you that (playing for Wales instead) has cost him millions and millions of pounds,” Barnett said.

But, despite being eligible to play for the Three Lions, there was little chance the Real Madrid star would walk out for any other nation, with Bale’s mum and dad who are both proudly Welsh.

“When we first got together when he was 15, we talked about whether he was going to play for England or Wales,” said Bale’s agent. “I nearly got my head bitten off by his dad, who is fanatically Welsh, and his mum.”

Barnett also added: “You can imagine what it would have been like if he were playing for England next summer in the Euros … but he does love playing for Wales.”