I Dont Have Interest In Executive Positions -Kofi Adjorlolo

Popular ghanaian actor Kofi Adjorlolo says he is not interested in executive positions in associations and within the Ghana Actors Guild.

Speaking in an interview with Naa Klordey on Ultimate Brunch,Kofi said that the Ghana Actors Guild is not vibrant because the guild has failed to live up to expectation and has negelected its duties.
Kofi who believes the guild has being dormant over the years cited examples of fellow actors who have bemoaned about the inactiveness of the guild.

“I am not the only person complaining about the guild being inactive.Some of my colleagues in the industry have also expressed similar concerns which should be taken seriously.Prince David Osei,Van Vicker,Yvonne Nelson,Mikki Osei Berko have all made statements to that effect”.

He also went on to add that,the guild should work according to its core objectives in order to protect the interest of its members.

“The concerns raised by members of the guild date back to 2010,so if all this time there have been issues raised,the executives should stand on their toes and work hard to make sure things work out properly for the growth of the guild.There are so many people who are acting now but aren’t members of the Ghana Actors Guild.These are the things,the executives should make sure they work on to redeem the glory of the guild and to put it on a higher pedestal.”

When asked if he is eyeing for the Ghana Actors Guild presidency,he stated that he is not interested in executive positions and also not planning to go in for any position within the Actors Guild.