Baby Thief Causes Laughter in Court

The trial of Vida Golomesio the 38-year suspected baby thief today took a rather humorous turn in a Tamale District Magistrate Court 2 when she confessed that committed because of family pressures.

“My inlaws will never let me have peace after marring for close to decade without conceiving”.

The suspect who looked very remorseful after her open confession threw the entire courtroom into spontaneous laughter claiming she was not going to either sell the baby or kill him as many thought but bring her up as her own blood.
The suspect who spoke through an interpreter said she lives in Karaga in the northern region with the husband and all her siblings were domiciled in some communities south of the country and prayed to the trial judge to temper justice with mercy.

According to her, she is a business partner to mother of the stolen baby and was only helping the 80-year old grandmother, Nuwokpo Limah and the nursing mother Limah Addo carry the infant when something dawn on her to take him for keeps.
The remorseful Golomesio started making incoherent statements about the actual reasons why she stole someone’s baby knowing it was a crime which led the judge to suggest to prosecutors she could be suffering from mental illness.

The judge subsequently asked for the presence of the nursing mother and the suspect’s husband before she could be sentenced. Though the court found Golomesio guilty on her own plea, the judge deferred sentencing to Wednesday 14th, October, 2015. Zoure