Skin Bleaching on the Rise

The apparent glorification and celebration of fair ladies by their male counterparts and the vice versa has been cited as the reason for skin bleaching among section of ladies in the country
Those indulged in the practice which is reported to be on the rise, see it as the fashion and style of the day but others disagree tagging it as highly immoral according to sampled views
But importers of the bleaching cosmetics without recourse to concerns are capitalizing on the high demand for product to make huge profits.
The habit of bleaching which has particularly been frowned upon by health personnel on health grounds is said to be assuming an alarming proportion with some males blindly copying the habit.
They claim skin bleaching is an appropriate and beautiful way of being similar to how top music stars live but this has many left with “multi-coloured” skins with portions of their bodies bleached in their desperation to look completely fair and attractive.
Skin bleaching though was a stigmatized social practice; it has suddenly become fashionable over time because it provides some skin bleachers a positive body image.
Skin bleaching primarily is the lightening of the skin through the use of homemade products, cosmetic products, and dermatological products.
It is common to see some people bleach only their faces, while others bleach their faces and bodies while others also bleach for a specific social occasion.

People of all ages, races, complexions, and social class participate engage in this weird practice; regardless of gender or level of their level education.
According to a Dermatologist at the Rabito Clinic, people on Earth belong to different types of skin colours, from white to yellow and to black as a result of the environment which also plays part for the different skin colours we have.
He disclosed that in cold climatic regions such as Europe, inhabitants tend to have a lighter complexion due to the cold weather, whereas in Africa, darker skin is better suited in the hot and humid climate but many people nowadays are bleaching their skin.
He advised residents to use alternatively eat healthily, exercise and use body cream rich in Vitamin E, Aloe Vera and Collagen Elastin that he explained will produce more fascinating effects than applying mere bleaching creams.
Giving the composition of bleaching cosmetics, he disclosed that all skin bleaching products contain one of the two active ingredients— hydroquinone and mercury.

According to him, the hydroquinone lightens the colour of the skin areas to which it is applied by killing off the melanin-making cells—the melanolyte.
It is also the active ingredient in ‘fade-off’ creams for freckles, age spots, disclosing that the historical background of hydroquinone was first use in the thirties.
Sold mostly in topical applications, like creams, skin bleaching products lighten areas of the skin and allow dark spots and blotches to lighten to the same color as the rest of the skin around it.
But this practice health personnel have warned, has been abused by many Ghanaians and has overly reduced the skins ability to fight off all manner of germs and therefore the need for those engaged in the practice to stop.
Doctors have on countless occasions complained that performing surgical operations on such people is difficult to they find it a major problem to stitch after the surgery because the outer skin layer would have peeled off as a result of continues bleaching.
Some residents are therefore calling on health authorities to champion a campaign in educating the populace of the negative effects of skin bleaching before the situation gets out of hand in the region
A Medical Officer Chief James Mensah, has opined that God in wisdom gave the black race the beautiful black skin to enable them live comfortably in the tropics as they draw vitamin ‘B’ from the sun’s rays.
He said it was for this reason that many whites travel all the way to Africa to enjoy the “sun-bath”.
The Medical Officer advised pregnant women not to apply bleaching chemicals on their bodies because it would have side-effects on the unborn baby adding, “We must appreciate what God naturally gave to us and desist from imitations.”
The question of whether fair ladies were more attractive to their male counterparts according to the public is subjective depending on the orientation of the admirer and therefore insisted the practice must immediately be halted with a ban placed on the importation of bleaching cosmetics.