‘Hope Lost On Power Barges’-ACEP

The Executive Director of the Africa Centre for Energy Policy (ACEP) Dr. Mohamed Amin Adams has cautioned the general public to be measured by expectations on government’s promise to bring power barges into the country as way of ending the energy crisis.

He explained that the financial requirements to put in more generation capacity and money to fuel and routinely repair existing thermal plants is the only way out of “ Dumsor”.

Speaking to Ultimate news in Kumasi, he said, ‘I am surprised that the whole of nation is putting it hopes on the power barges, it will not solve our power crisis, because the issue has to do with finances, even when the barges come in and we are not able to get money to ensure that the existing thermal power plants have enough fuel to run, we will be back to dumsor,’ he warned.

ACEP has indicated that the earliest Ghana should expect power from the power barges should be after the end of January 2017.

It disclosed that government’s commitment in fixing the power crisis before the end of the year has been questioned after thrice failed promise of providing emergency power barges.

The energy think-tank indicates that Ghana has made financial commitments for only one of the power barges which is to arrive in the country from Turkey instead of two.

This should mean Karpower should be giving the country some 225 megawatts of power other than the 450 by the said time.

The first power barge to produce 225 megawatts of electricity to allevi­ate the rolling power cuts, ‘dumsor’ is expected to arrive in Ghana on November 10, 2015.

Government has also instructed Kar-Powership to in­crease the capacity of the second barge from the initial 225 megawatts to 400 megawatts.

Source:Ultimate1069.com/Ghana/Leticia Osei