Benítez: “I don’t mind how they pigeonhole me”

Rafa Benítez has again hit back at accusations branding him a defensive coach.

“The Paris game aside, I think that my track record, no matter how you look at it, speaks for itself. I can’t be concerned by how people want to pigeonhole me. The team put in a good game and gave a great account of themselves”.

On Kroos: “I like it when people speak highly of Kroos. A player can’t be awful one week and then good the next. He can have a good game and then a bad one. The team showed in the game that they’re in fine form. When a team are playing well, their players shine.

On Celta: “We know it’s going to be a tough game. They’re still unbeaten. They play a high-tempo game, have put in some great performances and strung together some good results. What’s the key to beating them? If we have to attack, then we’ll attack and if we have to defend, we’ll defend. If we have to counter-attack, we’ll do that too”.

On injuries: “If you take a look at the UEFA injury report you’ll see that Real Madrid are in quite good shape. You can’t compare statistics if team’s circumstances are different. We have to compare it with other teams playing two games a week. The stats are similar there”.

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