‘Fix Dumsor ’- Sydney Casely Hayford tells Power Minister

Financial Analyst and Social commentator, Sydney Casely Hayford has charged the ruling National Democratic Congress (NDC) administration to fix the country’s power crisis before they can boost of achievements.

‘You have to fix the power crisis; fix the Dumsor issue and let it go away completely. If you don’t do that, frankly you haven’t achieved anything. In the four to six seven years of running this country, if you can’t fix this power crisis you have not done anything’.

According to him, Ghanaians cannot continue to pretend that everything is ok with their power situation.

‘You cannot have a situation in a modern economy or in a modern country which is what we are pretending to be; where electricity doesn’t come on 24/7 and where water doesn’t flow through your pipes,’ he asserted.

He lamented that Ghanaians are in the dark on the actual load shedding time table as there is no proper guide to the distribution of power to homes and offices.

‘I have a situation where I don’t even know when my power is on and when my power is going off. It is disrupting my deliverables and disrupting my professional life and it is very stressful’.

Speaking on Citi FM’s ‘The Big Issue’ he said the situation is stressful as government cannot indicate the exact cause of the problem.

‘The President has said to us that it is not an issue of generation or finance. So if it is not generation or financial; then what is the real problem?” he asked.

He entreated government to subsidise correctly to avoid the Volta River Authority (VRA) and the Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG) from incurring further debts.

“Government must subsidize and subsidize correctly but because we are playing politics with this thing, we have fixed a low tariff for people we consider to be poor so we have lowered the cost at which we supply power’.

By:Ultimate1069.com/Ghana/Leticia Osei