‘Police Personnel are on Fetish Priest’s Payroll’-Akooko youth

A group calling itself the Concern Natives of Nkronso (CNN) at Akyem Akookor  in the Eastern region has accused the Suhum divisional police command for being on the payroll of a supposedly fetish priest Nana Saka who is at the centre of controversy in the village.

Akyem Akooko in the past weeks has witnessed severe casualties when the Fetish priest came into fierce battle with the youth resulting in the arrest of traditional leaders in the area.

‘The obvious bias coupled with the alacrity of effecting arrest of the relatively poorer natives of Akooko and its neighbours gives enough credence to our intelligence that majority of Suhum divisional police command are on the payroll of Nana Saka,’ they alleged.

The group further alleged that the car used by the Suhum divisional commander was given to him by the fetish priest.

They warned the Suhum divisional police that they will not tolerate any form of intimidation either by the police or fetish.

‘Our taxes are part of the larger pool of resources used in paying them and that is why we will not tolerate any form of intimidation either by the police or the fetish priest Nana Saka,’ they cautioned.

They pleaded with the police to handle the case more professionally in order not to escalate the existing situation.

‘We demand because we deserve fairness so long as the police continue to wear our uniform and not ‘fetish garments’. If the Suhum divisional police command has forgotten, we are reminding them that they are there to protect all life and property and not otherwise. We therefore demand that the Suhum divisional police command should release Kwame Adjie since he was not in the video footage in the police custody nor has any one confirmed he/she saw him at Akooko on the day of the incident,’ they said.

It was alleged that the herbalist turned Fetish Priest first fired a gun hurting a young lady and which triggered a mob action resulting in acts of arson and casualties.

The Suhum divisional police swiftly moved in with re-enforcement from the Regional police command to effect arrest.

However, the Queen mother, Assemblyman and several prominent members of the ruling class were picked up by the police.

By:Ultimate1069.com/Ghana/Leticia Osei