There is no Perfect Person…Aneke Twins Advices

With the rate at which some marriages have come crashing, even those who are single are beginning to understand what true love is all about and are now offering advises to those married and intending ones.

Nollywood twins, the Aneke sisters, could be said to be one of those stars that fans are looking out for to get hooked to the man of their dreams but the twins don’t seems to be in a rush to settle down as they observe the way things are playing out in some homes.

Recently the twins having observed the crashes of some marriages, warned that marriage couples should try to make their home a happy one knowing full well that there is no alternative other than to make it a haven of theirs.

According to the twins, “If you can understand that there is no alternative to your marriage, you would make it the haven you desire. Also, if you bear in mind that marriage is not a ‘try your luck’ affair but a lifetime commitment, you would do all it takes to make it work.

“Don’t lose a true person in search of a perfect person because perfection is a fantasy but truth is a reality.”

Credit:Nigeria Films