Mystery: Man Turned Into Goat For Deceit

A Weija based Fetish priest Nana Pru alias India and Benin powers has turned a man in his 40s (name withheld) into a goat for reneging on his promise at Weija in the Greater Accra Region.

The man who stays at Weija with his wife and two children visited the priest to help him go abroad promising to adequately reward him if his desire is granted.

According to the fetish priest, he used spiritual powers to metamorphose the man into a goat.

He added that the man visited his shrine seeking for spiritual support and he used his own money to perform the rituals for him with the promise of paying back.

‘The man promised to pay back in two weeks but for two months now, he hasn’t made any effort to pay my money,’ he fumed.

Nana Pru disclosed that when the man travelled abroad he kept giving flimsy excuses.

‘His phone is always on voice mail, when he returned to Ghana he was supposed to pay me my money but he was rather spending his money on women’.

Nana Pru revealed that the man visited him to plead for leniency only to realise that he has been metamorphosed into a living goat bleating around.

‘This serves as a punishment for people who think they can defraud people especially spiritualists and get away with it,’ he asserted.

Speaking to, the fetish priest confirmed turning the man into a goat but failed to make further comment.

“I will turn him into human on condition he pays what he owes”, he disclosed

By: Osei