‘Ganjaman’ Butchers Man Over Fufu

 A man identified as Kwame Osei, 35 years has been butchered mercilessly by a wee smoker named Osman Manu when a scuffle ensued between the two at Nyamebekyere Enyano near Axim in the Western region over fufu.

The deceased Mr. Osei, who was yesterday evening eating a bowl of fufu and light soup laced with lots of meat and fish was approached by the wee smoker to join him, but his request was rejected.

The ‘Ganjaman’ suspected to have smoked some herbs (marijuana) who felt bitter about the objection to his request brought a cutlass from his house, and butchered hm.  

According to an eye witness, Kwame Dadzie,   ‘Osei was eating his fufu when Osman was asked to join but his request was turned down. An argument ensued between them and Osman pushed Kwame who also retaliated by hitting him with a torch.  Some minutes later, Osman brought a cutlass and started chasing Kwame who ran to the next door for help. Unfortunately, Kwame who couldn’t run again was butchered mercilessly by the wee smoker’ he explained.

The victim is currently receiving treatment at the Effiankwanta government hospital.

The matter has been reported at the Kwesimintim police station.

By:Ultimate1069.com/Ghana/Leticia Osei