I Will Accept Support from Good Ghanaians- Anas

Ace investigative journalist, Anas Aremeyaw Anas says he is willing to accept any form of support from right thinking Ghanaians if they believe in his course to uproot rot in society.

“My house is open and if those good Ghanaians are there and still will offer help, we will do a lot of work”, he noted.

Speaking on Accra based Joy FM, Anas disclosed that there are several Ghanaians who buy into his line of work and are mostly persons who extend some form of support to him in successfully carrying out his investigations.

He specifically stated that he is willing to collaborate with anti-corruption campaigner Martin Amidu in his subsequent investigative pieces in this regard.

According to him, if he accesses someone and he is comfortable with, he will go ahead and do a lot of work with the person in unraveling rot in society.

“There are well meaning Ghanaians who believe in this country and if you do good work some of them may stretch their hands to you”, he said

Aside making resources from his international work which enables him carry out most investigations, he disclosed that some upright Ghanaians are of immense benefit to his course and will not hesitate to name such persons.

“If those people will be comfortable, I will announce it to the world I have done it with them unless they don’t want to be mentioned”, he indicated

He observed that there are very good Ghanaians sitting on the fence and watching and if they think that one is worth their support they will come.