Mystery: Baby Born with One eye

Residents of Kronum a suburb of Kumasi in the Ashanti region are in a state of shock after a baby was on Tuesday afternoon delivered with one eye at an undisclosed hospital in the area, .

According to an eyewitness, the mother who was traumatized and terrified  as a result, subsequently  abandoned the baby and fled the hospital. Her whereabouts at the time of going to the press is not known.

‘The mother who was shocked over the unnatural features of her baby ran away from the hospital after seeing her,’ our sources said.

Patients who were in the same ward with the mother,  raised alarm of the shocking delivery which attracted many people to the hospital with some trying to take images of the mysterious baby on their phones.

She added that doctors are working around the clock to save the baby from dying.

Unlike  normal  babies,this baby’s  eye and nose are positioned at unusual places on the face.

In some Ghanaian customs, such babies are usually tagged as “evil children” and could be killed or ostracized from the community on the instructions of community elders who claim they are bad omen.

This age old practice has however outlived its relevance with education by various human right groups and civil society organizations. Osei