State rejects audit into Ghana@50 Secretariat

A recommendation by the Commission of Inquiry into payments from public funds arising from judgement debts and akin matters for an independent forensic audit into all contracts awarded by the Ghana@50 Secretariat and the expenditure incurred has been shot down by the government.

A White Paper issued by the government on the matter (Latex Foam Rubber Products v Attorney-General) said the State will instead restrict itself to the recommendation contained in the Report of the Ghana@50 Commission of Inquiry.

“Government will continue to implement the recommendations of that Commission. However, should any new and relevant information become available, Government will advise itself on the way forward,” the White Paper in part read.

To that effect, the government has directed the Attorney-General and the Minister for Finance to confirm whether the post-outstanding interest judgment debt of GH₵12,200.88 is still outstanding and if so take the necessary steps to pay off immediately.

In 2009, Latex Foam Rubber Products initiated a court action against the government for failing to pay it an amount totaling GhȻ207,365.62 for the supply of foam products to the Ghana@50 Secretariat.

A default judgment was ruled in favour of the company following the government’s failure to defend the case. However, the government delayed in payment resulting in the company garnisheeing some government accounts at the Bank of Ghana.

This action compelled the government to finally pay the amount on May 5, 2010, remaining a post-judgment interest of GHȻ12,200.88 awarded by the High Court.

Credit: Kasapafmonline