Tanzania’s five gold miners trapped for 41 days rescued

Five rescued gold miners, trapped underground for 41 days in Tanzania are receiving treatment at a hospital. The miners ‘survived by eating roots, soil, frogs and cockroaches’. 12 others are still missing.

In an act described by some as a miracle, five gold miners trapped underground for 41 days have been rescued in Tanzania and 12 others are still missing.

The miners had gone underground to rescue a group of 11 other miners and they “survived by eating roots, soil, frogs and cockroaches and are receiving treatment at hospital,” the BBC reported.

Efforts to rescue the miners by the community members were abandoned last month after a fruitless week-long rescue operation.

However, the rescue operation resumed after faint cries were heard by other miners working near the accident site, which confirmed the miners were still alive.

According to reports, the rescued miners were trapped about 100m underground after a shaft collapsed. After being rescued, one miner, Chacha Wambura reportedly told state-owned television, “We survived by eating cockroaches, frogs and other insects as well as drinking dirty water that seeped in from above”.

According to reports, “across Africa’s Great Lakes region, nearly 2 million people depend on small-scale, artisanal mining to provide for themselves and their families”.The case highlights the dangers faced by small scale and artisanal miners who often work is dangerous and unregulated conditions without any health and safety measures in place.