“I am Waiting for more Law Suits”-Anas

Ghana’s Celebrated and dreaded investigative Journalist Anas Aremeyaw Anas says he is anticipating more suits against him and his Tiger PI crew over the infamous judicial scandal expose`.

He says he is particularly happy that his investigative piece has resulted in the matter currently pending before the Supreme Court with the argument as to whether or not to be hooded during cross-examination by counsels of the implicated judges.

“I am grateful my work is resulting in us testing the law at the highest court of the land to determine whether or not I should be hooded or not during cross examination”, he said.

Speaking on the Ultimate Breakfast Show hosted by Prince Minkah on Friday, Mr. Anas said he is elated that lawyers of the implicated judges including Egbert Faibille Jnr he described as a friend, are seeking to have him unmasked before he can be cross-examined.

“I am calling for more writs to be filed to seek interpretation on whether or not to be hooded or not. It is a test of the law”, he indicated

According to him, he is very optimistic of evidence brought before the Chief Justice Madam Georgina Theodora Wood indicating he has no doubts that at the close of investigations some of the implicated judges will languish in jail.

“The evidence against them is not hooded and I am looking out for that day when the chief justice will make its findings public”, he observed

Mr. Anas described his evidence in the judicial corruption as Strong, watertight and hardcore but said it is the exclusive preserve of the executive to conduct prosecutions on evidence brought before it.

He indicated that there are honest people in the judiciary though a few corrupt ones caught in the web of corruption have denigrated the image of the judicial system.

“Most of the violence in the country is as a result of people being dissatisfied with one form of judgment.