FIFA has lost all credibility – Platini lawyer

The lawyer representing Michel Platini told AFP on Saturday that FIFA had “lost all credibility” after the ethics committee of world football’s governing body requested sanctions against the Frenchman and Sepp Blatter.

“It is a troubling coincidence the day after our appeal to the Court of Arbitration for Sport against Michel Platini’s provisional suspension,” Thibaud d’Ales, representing French FIFA presidential hopeful Platini, told AFP.

“It’s farcical. It would be laughable if we were not talking about the future of the biggest non-governmental institution in the world.”

The investigatory chamber of FIFA’s independent ethics watchdog announced earlier on Saturday that it had submitted a final report to the body’s judgement arm, which will weigh up the recommendations for sanctions.

UEFA chief Platini, who was last month handed a provisional 90-day ban, along with Blatter, by the ethics committee, risks seeing his hopes of succeeding Blatter as FIFA president permanently derailed.