Teacher Trainees Protest over Failed Exams

About 261 students of Mampong Technical College of Education (MAMTECH) in the Ashanti Region have been sacked for failing to write a compulsory Elective Mathematics re-sit examination after  previously failing  in that paper.

The aggrieved students went on a rampage on Monday, destroying school properties including 19 louver blades of the administration block.

For fear of setting the school ablaze, authorities temporarily closed down the school and called in the police to avert further destruction of state property.

 The irate students argued that the Elective Mathematics course was not mandatory, saying  they had an option of choosing and sitting for courses in General and Technical subjects.

However, the University of Cape Coast (UCC) to which the MAMTECH is affiliated it is gathered, had scrapped the options available to the students.

The Principal of MAMTECH, Rev Dr. Victor Nyuieko Avotri explained that it is compulsory for the students to sit for the failed paper or risk being repeated, saying they need to write, pass and continue their school.

‘If they are ready, we are more than ready, until they write the exams they cannot progress to the next level, we have had discussions with the students. Am disappointed in them because when you write examinations you need to look out for results which they refuse to do so,’ he said.

Speaking to Ultimate1069.com, one of the affected students, (name withheld) said the school authorities refused to communicate or publish results when they were on vacation.

‘Which network did they communicate the information to us that we have to re-sit the paper. They published the results when we were on vacation, no student was aware until we got to the school. Information on our results always delays. They expect us to defer to next semester, which is not possible,’ he fumed.   

By: Ultimate1069/Ghana/Leticia Osei