KATH Defends Journalist & Visitor Brutalities

The Komfo Anokye Teaching Hospital (KATH) in Kumasi is defending the action of its security personnel who physically brutalized a visitor and a journalist at the hospital.

The Public Relations Officer of KATH, Kwame Frimpong maintains the victim Alexander Amoah refused to obey a directive which makes it compulsory for motorists to exit the facility from the point of entry.

Mr. Frimpong explained that the reckless parking of the victim caused huge traffic jam, saying the security men had no choice than to restrain and hand him over to the police.

 ‘Confusion ensued when one of the security men wanted to establish the exact gate he used to enter the hospital.  Out of anger this gentleman walked out of his car, locked it, and walked away resulting in traffic jam at the main entrance of the hospital. His conduct prevented vehicles from exiting or entering, he came back and realizing that his car has been clamped, he broke it,’ he pointed out. 

According to him, the victim hit the head of the security man who approached him, so his colleagues had to join in to subdue him, they later handed him over to the police,’ he explained.

He said the hospital serves as a referral point and that the hospital authorities will not accept any form of impunity that will distract their work, adding that patients’ lives cannot be toyed with.

‘You cannot come to the hospital and for whatever reason you block the main entrance, this is the only referral facility in the other part of the country, patients are sent in all the time. If out of anger a person can block the main road, for traffic to pile up to the extent that such ambulances cannot enter the hospital, such impunity cannot be tolerated,’ he warned.  

Speaking to Ultimate news Mr. Amoah denied blocking road access to the hospital, complaining that the hospital security subjected him to severe beatings.

‘I took a jack from my booth to unlock the car, and they started pushing, beating, pushing, slapping, stomping on me, they said they are taking me to the police station,’ he bemoaned.

 ‘When I got there the security said they won’t allow me in, I asked how, they were arguing with me, and they said they have laws here, they allowed cars following me to pass whilst I stood there.  We were exchanging words when they attempted to lock my car, but I prevented them. They ordered me to turn from the other end, when I went to the other side, they told me I don’t have card so I cannot move my car.  We stood there arguing for about thirty minutes, I thought it wise to contact the lady I came to visit, only to realize that my car was locked,’ he lamented.

Alexander Amoah has since been granted police enquiry bail and plan to seek legal redress.

By: Ultimate1069.com/Ghana/Leticia Osei/Isaac Bediako