Police Arrests Three Armed Robbers in Dunkwa

The Dunkwa Divisional Police Command in the Central Region, this Monday dawn arrested three suspected armed robbers in the cause of robbing a house occupied by Chinese nationals.

robbers 2


The police officers during the operation managed to retrieve harmful items such as cartridges, knives and two pump action guns from these armed robbers meant to inflict wounds on their victims.

robbers 3

According to Ultimate1069.com source, Gabriel Bediako, the armed robbers were arrested by the police on Monday around 2:am upon a tipped-off.

robbers 4

He added that Chinese residents in the Dunkwa-on –offin and its environs have falling prey to activities of armed robbers and pick-pockets in the area.

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By: Ultimate1069.com/Ghana/Leticia Osei