I don’t mind going naked for movie roles – John Njamah

John Njamah, Nollywood actor,and brother to bulgy-eyed actress, Empress Njamah, has revealed he can go to any length to interpret a romantic scene, as well as going nude to play a role if such is demaned.

The actor, speaking with PUNCH, said: “For a romantic scene, Oh, I will do my research very well. I can go the extreme; people who know me, know that I’m that kind of person. To get it right, I can go the extreme.

When asked if he can act nude, the ‘Fuji House of Commotion’ actor said, “Yes, I can do that. I know that, that one might just be your headline. It’s a job and it has to be done right. So I can go to the extreme to play my role, be it romance, any role for that matter. I’m that kind of person. It has to be done right.

“Even in my directing, I have a way of making my artiste do it right and do it realistically, I always advise them to be true to life, which is my key. A lot has been said to be going on in Nollywood.

Speaking on the alleged trend, where artistes pay producers to feature in a movie, John said, “One word for it; stupid! I don’t think you want me to start to explain how stupid it is. It is outright, blatantly stupid. It is a stupid idea. And that is why I don’t relate with such kind of persons.”

On his plans to get married, he said, “Ha, they have snatched me o; in fact, my life has not been the same since I’ve been snatched. This life that I’m living is not my own, madam will soon call right now and ask, why haven’t you called me? So I will be walking her down the aisle very soon, all things being equal, it should happen soon,” John added.

Credit:Daily Post