Journalists Schooled on the Shea Industry

Thirty (30) Journalists, drawn from various media houses across the country are undergoing a two-day training programme on Ghana’s Shea sector in Tamale, the Northern Regional Capital.

The workshop organized by Shea Network Ghana (SNG) and sponsored by the Business Advocacy Challenge (BUSAC) Fund, aims at building the capacity of the media practitioners as well as creating their awareness in the Shea sector to be able to report accurately and push for a total development of the sector.

It is also meant to sensitize the Ghanaian media on the challenges as well as the potentials in the sector and the entire value chain of the Shea Industry which has literally been neglected by policymakers.

The theme for the workshop; the Ghana Shea Sector and the capacity of the media on Shea reporting” also seeks to unearth the hidden potentials of the sector to the development of the Ghanaian economy if tapped like other resources.

National Coordinator of the SNG Zakaria Iddi said the workshop is necessary because of the information gap in the media landscape; therefore the intervention to enhance their technical capacity is time overdue.

He said he is optimistic that by bridging the information gap, it will go a long way to shape policy formulations, decision making and investment in the Shea sector.

“Being an emerging sector, there is also the need for information sharing in order to help in championing the course of the sector”, he said.

Shea Network Ghana is an advocacy Non Governmental Organization (NGO) in the Shea industry in the country.  It also provides the platform for Shea Industry players to share their experiences and knowledge, promote Shea usage, and develop opportunities for stakeholders and share benefits for all.

The network currently has a direct institutional membership of 60 organizations and over 150 individual affiliates, and manages several donor funded projects that impart on the lives of rural women in Ghana.