Bizzare: River turns into blood in Gomoa Dominase

The entire community of Gomoa Dominase in the Central Region are in a state of fear as a river which serves as source of drinking water in the outskirt of the town has mysteriously changed into blood as a result of sand winning.

It is believed that the aggrieved spiritual gods of the land are punishing the indigenes for their continuous destruction of the land and water bodies, hence the river metamorphosing into blood. 

Speaking to, a Reporter in the area, Samuel Kwame Kyei explained that the land owners sold the land to a contractor who has destroyed various farm plantations in the surrounding villages due to sand winning.

‘The contractor has destroyed most of the farms in the villages, he cuts coconut trees, plantation farms and give GHC20 to the farmers, sometimes the contractor does not even give money to the affected farmers,’ he said.


All efforts to prevent the contractor from engaging in sand winning as its destroys water bodies and roads have fallen on deaf ears.

The traditional leaders who are shock over the development has promised to perform all the necessary rites to avert the situation.

By: Osei