‘CPP cannot go to polls with a weak Flagbearer,’-Ernesto rants

The National Youth Organiser of Convention People’s Party (CPP), Ernesto Yeboah has indicated that the party cannot go to the 2016 general elections race with a weak Presidential candidate.

He asserted that the electorates have become more discerning and will not waste their votes on a political party whose Leader is weak as compared to others.

‘Ghanaians will not just buy anything simply because we are out there selling it, Ghanaians are discerning and go beyond the talk. If you go in a race with a horse that is weak and not well fed, it doesn’t matter the experience of the jockey, the horse will not be able to excel,’ he pointed out.

According to him, Ghanaians scrutinise a Flagbearer of a particular party before they cast their votes.

‘Ghanaians ask themselves can this person deliver, is he sincere, is he up to the task and these salient questions are what we are going into the 2016 elections with,’ he envisaged.

Speaking on Ultimate breakfast hosted by Prince Minkah, Mr. Yeboah explained that millions of young people are looking for a redemptive alternative which the CPP presents.

He added that the CPP is poised to offer hope to the Ghanaian populace.

‘I think it’s about the mood of the nation and currently it is clear that  Ghanaians are not happy with the two party system, the conditions that have been created to improvise us, conditions that have been created to disrespect us is at every turn of the way,’ he bemoaned.

Touching on Dr. Abu Sakara’s exit from the party, he said the arguments should not be reduced to an individual who has left and who has not, but rather what the CPP can offer the nation.

‘It’s about the party not an individual, yes he brings some value to the table, certainly as a national officer, I need to project these values, ideals, norms so that Ghanaians will see it and buy that particular option. Our loyalty is to the party and the nation. This party stands for the nation; it gave birth to the nation,’ he stated.

He rubbished claims that Dr. Sakara was pushed away from the CPP, hence his decision to go independent in the upcoming general elections.

‘Who can push Abu Sakara out of the party, he is a leading member, it’s just propaganda that somebody pushed him out of the party,’ he said.

He stressed that the platform for Dr. Sakara to achieve his political goals is to go solo and not on a national interest platform.

‘He has come into a conclusion that the platform set to achieve his goals is going independent and not on a national interest platform,’ he asserted.

 He pledged his unflinching support  for any party member who will be chosen as Flagbearer of CPP.

By: Ultimate1069.com/Ghana/Leticia Osei