Ex-Gitmo detainees: Compassion goes with common sense – Catholic Bishop tells Mahama

The President of the Catholic Bishops Conference, Rev Joseph Osei Bonsu, has dismissed the President’s call for compassion on the Ex-Gitmo detainees, insisting that compassion needs to be balanced with common sense.

“The argument for compassion here does not hold. Certainly the bible talks about compassion. We need to be compassionate to people and so on but compassion goes with common sense as well.”

The argument of the Catholic Bishop follows President Mahama’s call to Ghanaians to show compassion to the two cleared terrorist suspects who were held for fourteen years in America’s popular prison bay, Guantanamo.

Addressing the media, at the seat of government, the Flagstaff House, President Mahama questioned why Ghanaians have suddenly failed to make good their faith based compassion and hospitality which the good people of Ghana are well noted for.

“We must also look at the side of compassion. I am a Christian, and the Bible teaches us to be compassionate to prisoners… that is even persons who have been convicted, these people were not convicted and so where is our Christian passion or where is our faith based compassion on people that after being detained for 14 years without trial, we cannot find it in our hearts to give these people at least a chance to re-start their lives, and so there has been no consideration received for accepting these detainees.”

However Rev Osei Bonsu in response to President Mahama’s call to Ghanaians said“Compassion should be shown to the right people” saying the two must be sent back.

“These people are not refugees. They are people who have been accused of being terrorists… the fact that Christ came for sinners doesn’t mean we should endanger our lives.”