BRONI’s MIND: I need a divorce

I’m tired!!! I’m fed up with those arguments!!!

I’ve had it to the brim!!!

I can no longer cope. Kindly sign the divorce papers.

Yes I want and need a divorce.

He’s intolerable and autocratic. This isn’t what I bargained for.

What started as a beehive full of honey now tastes like a black coffee.

I enjoy reading or listening to political news but not an active politician. He’s the Manso Nkwanta constituency Chairman of Obroni Popular Party (OPP). I understand his political catalog and I try not to interfere.

It’s 2016 and Ghana’s political acceleration is in a fourth gear. I’m not perturbed by his early exit and late entry at home. We have four kids with one domestic servant. The situation demands that I cut off some social lifestyle in order to accept his roles at home in addition to mine.

This new development is having a toll on me.

We deliberated on how best he could manage his politics and home affairs, yet he was adamant. The once loving husband I married years ago has grown into a freak.

He no longer looks out for the kids. He leaves home before they wake up and returns while they are asleep.

Junior was hospitalized and diagnosed with appendix. He was due for surgery yet my husband will have none of that because his flagbearer was supposedly visiting the constituency and he couldn’t afford to be absent. I had to bear the trauma alone with no one to comfort me. The agony of a mother!!!

Unfortunately, junior passed on. The young man’s funeral was graced by high profiled personalities including the flagbearer of OPP.

My husband had enough time on his hands for the funeral but couldn’t have time to care for the boy while alive.

Politics finds itself in every little discussion that emerges in the house. Hardly can the kids watch or listen to their favourite programmes on weekends when their dad is at home. Flipping the dials from one political show to the other was a hobby he developed and mastered. His cell phone is always busy and I can hardly have a 3-minute phone conversation with him anytime he steps out. It takes several hours to receive a message reply from him if I should send any. Politics runs through his blood.

Despite his late entries at home, his phones do not cease ringing thereby disturbing my little sleep, warranting me to move to the guest room and he would have none of that.
His target and focus is to win the seat for his party hence leaving no stone unturned. He is serving his party at the detriment of his own family.

I’m married but there is no difference between me and a single parent. I don’t remember the last time he asked any of the kids if they had eaten. Nothing pertaining to the home is of essence to him anymore. Financing political projects is his new found love at the detriment of the home.

I’m tired. The center can no longer hold. Marry your politics and let me go. Please sign the divorce papers.

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