Gitmo detainees: Kwame Zu takes religious leaders to the cleaners

The Ashanti Regional Deputy Secretary of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) Kwame Zu has lashed out at religious leaders and advocates for propagating the return of the Guantanamo detainees to their country Yemen.

According to him, the religious leaders and other bodies fronting for the return of these inmates are the same people who seek visas from the U.S and UK Embassies to travel abroad.

‘Many of the people making the arguments have incessant penchant for travelling abroad, most of their preferred destinations are the UK and the US,’ he stated.

He wondered if the religious leaders will not attempt to travel to Britain again if the detainees are rather sent there.

‘If they are sent to Britain, are you going to say, you won’t travel to those places, especially when we know you continuous travel to these places. Where should they be sent, wouldn’t you be caught off guard when you travel outside the Ghana, I can do worst you know,’ he asked.

Speaking on Ultimate breakfast hosted by Prince Minkah, he advised Ghanaians to treat this issue as a serious national debate, ‘let’s put it properly in focus’.

He fumed that the advocates of return the detainees have lusts for travelling to the Western world.

 ‘Surprisingly, if Britain alone has 15 of these detainees, the expectation would have been for many of the advocates for send them back, would not find it prudent to make trips to Britain, but that has not been the case, many of the people who we have heard, proponents of send them and the rest, have these lusts for travels abroad especially to the western countries, of where these people are kept,’ he pointed out.

‘Because of the people fronting the debate, religious leaders, am reluctant, because these are people who go everywhere, you know how our society has been created, it’s extremely difficult to speak,’ he said.

He observed that the debate by these advocates and religious leaders is no longer driven solely by their demand and quest to free the nation of these people.

 ‘If not for mischief,  and political expediency, I don’t know where these fears are coming from, we have been taught by our values to be compassionate, it has nothing to do with the constitutional mandate,’ he said.

‘Who stands to lose if the security of the country breaches who loses, is it not the president?,’ he asked. 

By: Osei