Blame GBC’s Eva Lokko for collapse of Concert Party – Akrobeto

Some years ago, Key Soap Concert Party was the popular comedy show on television that Ghana could boast off but lost it as the years went by.

Hence it was taken off the screens of State owned television station, Ghana Television (GTV) with reasons best known to organizers.

One of the key characters in it was Kumawood comedian actor, Akwasi Boadi, popularly known as ‘Akrobeto’.

In an interview with Delay, the actor attributed the fail in keeping Concert Party alive till date to the change in financial policy by the 2012 vice presidential candidate for Progressive Peoples Party, Ms Eva Lokko during her reign as Ghana Broadcasting Corporation’s Director-General.

“I can say Eva Lokko is the reason why Concert Party failed. What happened was that, she was brought in during Ex President Kuffour’s reign and when she came; her monetary policy shot up and sponsors of the show could not pay.

“They actually dragged it with her for two years and all their efforts proved futile. The money was so much that the sponsors could not pay not to talk of paying the casts so to cut the long story short, Concert Party went off the screens,” he narrated.

Asked if he will go back to act if that issue was resolved, he said no.

“I will not go back because there is no money, right now any work I do, I do it for money so places where I won’t benefit financially, I won’t venture.”