10 Duties of a Boyfriend

  1. Always make her laugh and smile

Like what boyfriends do, even if sometimes they kinda pisses their girlfriends off. They still can make you laugh and smile with their sweet words.

  1. Don’t ever say something bad to her.

Saying bad things to her would make her sad, but swear she won’t tell you that she’s getting hurt. Don’t say that she’s fat, ugly, dumb, stupid, stinky  etc. Except when you’re just playing around.

  1. Don’t ever talk about your ex in front of her

No girl would ever want to hear anything about her boyfriend’s ex. It’ll make her feel jealous.

  1. Understand what she feels

Some guys can’t understand what a girl truly feels. You need to observe how she talk and acts, because some girls don’t say what they are truly feeling inside.

  1. Always comfort her when she’s sad

This one is important. If you did something to her that made her feel bad, hug or kiss her then say sorry for what you did. Always stay by her side whether she’s sad or happy. Some girls are emotional.

  1. Don’t say that her dreams are just non-sense

If she had a nightmare and got scared of it don’t say “Being scared of a dream.. hah! non-sense” just simply say “It’s just a dream. That nightmare wouldn’t happen in real life” then give her a sweet smile. That would make her feel better.

  1. Don’t make her cry

A girl is strong but, when she cries. That means she’s really hurt. Instead of making her cry and sad, make her the happiest girl in the whole wide world.

  1. Respect her

Guys must always respect a woman. Love her like your wife and respect her like your mother. Be a gentleman and not a gentledog.

  1. Don’t force her to do something she doesn’t want to do.

If she doesn’t really wanna do it then don’t force her to do that thing. Remember if you’re forcing her, she’s also forcing herself to do that even if her mind already said NO. Some girls will do anything just to make you happy.

  1. Always Love her no matter what happens.

This is the most important. Of all I know every guy must love her girlfriend forever. Till death do you part.

This are just 10 there’s still a lot of duties a guy must do for her girlfriend. I just did this ’cause I want to share what’s in my mind.