We don’t operate with obsolete machines-ECG

The Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG) has allayed public fears that the country has been facing power fluctuations due to obsolete machines used by the power company.

Speaking on Ultimate breakfast hosted by Prince Minkah, the Ashanti Regional Public Relations Manager of  ECG Erasmus Kyere Baidoo explained that the power company do not operate with sub-standard machines.

‘In any utility service that we have, the entire system do not like the Dumsor, Dumsor kind of thing, even your own gadgets in the house do not like Dumsor, the machines are such that they are produced at certain standards, in engineering terms some are produced in minutes per revolution,’ he stated.

According to him, the system works at its own pace when it develops fault.

‘So if you run the machine at certain speed levels, stops for a very long time, and you re-start, the system will respond to the situation. The machine will detects to you the time it wants to work, if you decided to stretch it, it will go off,’ he emphasised.

Mr. Baidoo indicated that ECG has lost lots of equipment due to failure in transmission.

‘If you mend a broken fault, then you realise there is another problem at another point, yes we lose lots of equipment.  Whether you like it or not you have to replace them, we have to be able to maintain,’ he stated.

The ECG Ashanti Regional Public Relations Manager stated that when a component of the system breaks down, it affects the entire system, making it difficult to distribute power to customers.

‘Transmission system is like a human being, made up of various components, if any of the system develops a problem, obviously the whole body responds to it, so in the same way we have a transmission system made up of various parts into a whole system, we have those who are generating, transmitting, distributing and those supplying the resources for the thermal/hydro, so many things work together to produce the commodity called electricity’.

‘So if at any given time there is a problem and you solve it, it doesn’t mean it will never happen again. It may happen differently at another time, but all that you have to realise is  that you should be in a position to fix it, that’s all there is,’ reiterated.

Touching on prepaid meters, he indicated that they have a software which speeds up the processes of billing and distribution.

‘Commercial Management System (CMS) is a kind of software which just simplifies the processes of billing and it reduces the content to very marginable, very simple terms, so that anybody at all can read. And this time round instead of the billing being done at the regional level, it will be done at the district level. And it makes it very simple and easy to read. It facilitates the processes such that one does not have to queue for data entry, I mean lots of processes have been reduced,’ he stated.

By: Ultimate1069.com/Ghana/106.9FM/Leticia Osei