‘I Will Scrap Ex-Gratia under my Presidency’-Kofi Akpaloo

The Presidential Candidate of Independent People’s Party (IPP) Kofi Akpaloo has revealed that there will be no ex-gratia and other emoluments for retiring Members of Parliament (MPs) and the Presidency under his government.

According to him, it is one of the policies he will adopt should Ghanaians mandate him on November 7, 2016 to save the national purse from getting empty.

“Retiring Presidents and MPs will not get any ex-gratia. They will only go home with what they have been receiving as monthly salary and allowances”, he revealed.

Mr. Akpalo observed that scrapping the ex-gratia, will save the country over GH¢ 300 million every four years.

He disclosed that an IPP government will instead; invest the ex-gratia monies directly into profitable ventures to create over 30,000 jobs for the numerous unemployed graduates in Ghana.

The Presidential candidate observed that it was needless for politicians to home with huge sums of money as retirement packages when unemployment is assuming an alarming proportion in the country.

To this end, he assured Ghanaians of a very transparent leadership under IPP noting that it is the only party to take Ghanaians out of the current economic quagmire.