NHIS may collapse if comprehensive measures not instituted-Hospital administrator

The Administrator of the Salvation Army Health Centre, at Begoro in the Eastern Region, Paul Bamfo has warned that the National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS) may collapse if government do not review its mode of operation.

He said the NHIS is very critical to the healthcare delivery to the poor, adding that it has facilitated access to health care which has led to increased attendance and service utilization.

 Mr. Bamfo expressed worry over undue delays in the re-reimbursements of claims, suggesting that efforts must be made to make the scheme vibrant.

He indicated that this phenomenon has made the running of the facility very difficult in terms of getting the needed drugs, logistics, paying of non mechanized staff and utility bills to get the facility running.

Government or NHIS is owning us close to about 8 months, our water supply is disconnected, because we are not able to pay our bills and ECG is threatening disconnection because for them once you consume, you need to pay, but our monies are not coming, and therefore we are not able to fulfil our part of contract with our suppliers,’ he pointed out.

Speaking to Ultimate news, he indicated that due to the NHIA financial inconveniences, the hospital is struggling to operate smoothly.

About 92% of our attendances come with NHIS, if this is your major source of revenue, and the monies are delayed. How do you how sustain the pace at which you want to move and also get your clients satisfied with your services, how do we get  the needed logistics in terms of drugs and medical consumables,’ he asked.

 2015 witnessed the worse performance in the reimbursements process of the scheme.

Most health providers have not received reimbursement from the NHIA since June 1, 2015 leading to cumulative arrears crippling the facilities.

By: Ultimate1069.com/Ghana/106.9FM