Ultimate FM to the rescue of bedridden amputee

The heart-rending story of a bedridden physically challenged 53 -year old man Kwaku Nketiah who called into Ultimate Brunch on Tuesday struck the emotions of Host Naa Klordey Odonkor who could not hold back her tears.

She was emotionally touched by the plight of the Amputee who made a distress call into  “My Heart’s Desire” segment on the mid-morning flagship programme yesterday Monday.

Nketiah was at the verge of being thrown out of his house by his Land lord who had run out of mercies after putting up with him for months over a GHC900 unpaid rent.

The Ultimate Brunch team followed up to his residence at Appiedu, a suburb in Kumasi where he stays in a little room enough to keep a bed and few belongings.

Narrating his ordeal to the team, the single parent recounted that he had his right leg chopped off some thirteen years ago after a strange sickness led to a malignant growth in his right leg.

He also lamented that his eyes were going dim as a result of a surgery he had not been able to raise funds to undergo.

The Amputee disclosed to the Ultimate Brunch team that he was economically well to do as a taxi driver until the unfortunate happened.


It was however inspiring to know that he did not give up then; since he sold his taxi to cover his medical bills and to learn a trade in the making of footwear.

A shop he opened to make and sell his footwear however was gutted by a fire when an apprentice of his tried to burn up some bush after weeding around the shop.


‘After my amputation, I learnt to make and sell foot wear, unfortunately, my shop was gutted by fire after an apprentice tried burning bushes around my shop,’ he lamented.

According to the sorrowful physically challenged, his son who completed the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST) some three years ago, is still unemployed and searching for a job leaving him and his ten year old daughter in Appiedu.

‘I have been compelled to withdraw my ten year old daughter from a private school to a less preferred public school because I cannot pay up school fees,’ he put across sadly.

His wife who left him in his sorry state after his leg was amputated passed on three years after the tragic incident.

Kwaku who happens to be an ardent listener of Ultimate FM said his radio is locked on the dial 24/7.

His plight comes across as the year’s most touching call on the segment – “My Heart’s Desire” which allows people to share with host, Naa Klordey, a desire they would want Ultimate FM to help them fulfil.

The Ultimate Brunch Team which has witnessed several requests on the show, has to this end launched a benevolent project to help meet Nketiah’s immediate health needs which include a surgery to restore his vision.

The team is also looking at paying off his rent arrears, finding him a decent place of accommodation and helping to set him up economically.

Already the Unibank, loyal listeners and friends of the host, have begun making donations to this worthy course.

The team expressed appreciation to Mrs. Jasmine Antwi, Mr Kojo Marfo (broadcaster), Mr Lary Anitor (Manager Vienna City), Mr. Alhaji Abu (Northern Securities Development) and Mr. Alfred Nana Yaw who have so far made a contribution of GHC900.

Institutions and well meaning Ghanaians who share in this benevolent gesture can also reach out to the station in Kumasi with support to help make the world a better place for Kwaku Nketiah.

“The simplest acts of kindness are by far more powerful then a thousand heads bowing in prayer,’ Mahatma Gandhi.

By: Ultimate1069.com/Ghana/106.9FM