Trailer truck drives into cars on N1

A heavy vehicular traffic was the scene on the N1 Motorway Tuesday as officers struggled to clear the mess a semi-truck trailer had created all night.

The trailer had rammed into more than a dozen cars as it breaks failed, creating an uncomfortable time on the stretch which links most of Accra’s busiest roads.

When this reporter got to the scene at about 10pm local time, the traffic had grown all the way back to the Achimota overhead with its head going beyond the Kwashieman Traffic light, which is some kilometres away from the Mallam Junction Interchange.

An eyewitness says the truck’s breaks failed and in an attempt to veer off the road, drove straight into the moving cars, who were at the time caught in a manageable traffic.

A team of officers from the traffic control unit of the Ghana Police Service, and locals later rendered some help. But it was not until past midnight that the traffic situation returned to normal.

Source: Kasapafmonline