Chiefs asked to stop publicly backing political candidates

Chiefs have been asked to stop publicly backing political candidates in the coming presidential and parliamentary elections.

Wulugu Naba Pugansoa, Naa Professor John S. Nabila, President of the National House of Chiefs (NHC), said they should be “a father to all” and show love to everybody.

This demands being mindful of their pronouncements during interaction with politicians called to pay homage on them in their palaces.

He was addressing a meeting of NHC, the first to be held in the year, in Kumasi.

He used to remind those responsible for the conduct of the polls to exhibit high level of neutrality to maintain public confidence in them.

They should ensure that things were done fairly and transparently to make the elections credible.

Naa Prof Nabila also asked the political parties and their supporters to be act more responsibly to reduce tension and prevent nasty clashes.

He said it was important that to make sure that the nation remained intact after the November polls.

He renewed the call to parliament to move quickly to pass the Chieftaincy Amendment Bill to strengthen the chieftaincy institution.

Dr. Henry Seidu Danaah, Minister for Chieftaincy and Traditional Affairs, underscored the important role chiefs played in keeping the nation united and stable.

He urged them to continue to take steps to help make the institution relevant to the country’s development.

Credit: GNA