Group Calls for Boycott of Independence Day Celebrations

A group calling itself Ashanti Youth Association (AYA) is calling on all Ashantis in Ghana to boycott the 60th Independence Day celebration on  March 6.

According to the group, the Agogo menace and the violent clashes in Old Tafo have not been properly handled by the security and government and are therefore resorting to the latest action in protest of the poor handling of these matters.

Speaking to Ultimate News, National Secretary of Ashanti Youth Association Barima Tweneboah Koduah urged all its members to wear black apparel on Independence Day.

He indicated that it was to particularly register their displeasure with what the group feels is the unfair treatment of Ashantis and the Ashanti rRgion in general.

“We are paying taxes for the development of this country and government has allowed Fulani herdsmen to take us to ransom by destroying our lands and farms. If we complain they say we are being tribalistic. Every true Ashanti person should boycott the independence day celebration to prove to the world we are not happy”, he said

Tweneboah Koduah warned politicians not to take Ashantis for granted and appealed to the police to make real their promise of arresting perpetrators of the Tafo violence.

“We are wild awake and we are demanding for our rights. We deserve to go about our businesses without any threats”, he stated.

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