Jon Germain Returns with new hit Song featuring EL & Dee Moneey

Mr. R & B, Jon Germain has released his hit song featuring EL and Dee Moneey titled ‘Threesome’.

Describing the song and it’s creative process Jon explained ‘I told my producer I wanna do something I have never done before record and create a song from scratch. 

Usually when I go to the studio I have already written the song but this time around the song came after we started creating the beat. The idea of the song and the concept is something most men can relate to’.

Many people I know, would put aside their Akon and R-kelly tapes and listen to Jon Germain in their stead. 

However, very few of these people are Ghanaian; they are citizens of the west, who would love to hear the new sound of R’n’B.

A sound that fuses the Charlie Wilson type of rhythm and blues, with other experimental sounds. 

I dare say that in Africa, Jon Germain can easily be defined as the leader of this sound, blazing a trail that fuses the silky voiced stories, told in true R’n’B pattern and mashed with other sounds like rock and Hip-hop. This style has been brought to life in may songs from both his debut and sophomore albums with songs like Quiver, Monday, Breathless, Can’t explain and more.

Jon Germain’s most recent attempt at making good music, breaks the bar. Being a writer with a thirst for both good music and exclusives, I make it a point to periodically check on the Channel O Awards nominee.

A month ago, I finally heard what my ears have been itching for- Jon Germain has new music and I had to hear it first.

Taking a road-trip with him to Aburi (where he had a private concert), gave me the chance to hear, “Threesome”. The track features VGMA artiste of the year nominee, E.L and Millitant Mindz Record boss, Dee Moneey. 

It’s verses weigh the male tendency to love one woman and want to be in another’s bed. Jon and the two others find a way to make the song sound less explicit than it should.

E.L brings a soft approach to his delivery, prancing his ability to be a lady’s man. His verse solidifies his diversity. Making it easy to understand why he has the highest nominations at this year’s VGMA’s.. Dee Moneey, shows his growth as well. 

Bringing in his bi-lingual abilities, Dee Moneey hit all the high notes on this. Scoring points with lyrics, flow and timing and displaying his impressive grip of the GA language. Jon Germain weaved this track like a true song-writer. Tasteful lyrics, neatly arranged on a fine piece of instrumental, with a message that’s make many smirk. 

The man, who admits he used to be a rapper, took the last verse (in Hip-Hop, the last verse is reserved for the strongest performer), attempting to break the norm again. He ends the song in a manner that makes you itch to hear it again.