Ghanaian Foods You Didn’t Know Are Served On Flights From Ghana

Passengers traveling from Ghana are mostly served with continental dishes but things have changed as Emirates and British Airways start offering local dishes

Renowned airlines, Emirates and British Airways have started serving local dishes to travelers from Ghana.

This gives passengers an opportunity to enjoy simple, but flavorful cuisines that use traditional cooking methods and fresh local ingredients.

The new menu on these flights includes dishes such as:

British Airways – Waakye, sautéed cabbage with red peppers and Shito sauce


British Airways – Jollof rice

Jollof Rice

British Airways – Kelewele, grilled fillet of beef and spring onion potato gratin.


Emirates has also started serving local dishes like

Emirates – Jollof Rice

Photo Credit: Tourapex.comPhoto Credit:

Emirates – Palava Sauce/Kontomire Stew

with rice

So the next time you board these flights, make sure to check these local dishes out.