I Won’t Vote in November 7 Polls-Kofi Wayo

Outspoken Politician and founder of the defunct United Renaissance Party (URP) Chuck Kofi Wayo has expressed doubts in his citizenship right to vote in the November 7 Polls.

According to him, there is nothing worth voting for during the polls and as such, he is likely not to actively partake in activities leading to the general election which has been tipped to be one of the fiercely contested elections in the history of the country.

In an exclusive interview with Ultimate1069.com, Mr. Wayo said Ghanaians are too obsessed with political parties that they sometimes fail to hold their leaders accountable for either promises they make or falsehood they peddle to win their support.

“You people like party party matter too much. We need someone with vision to lead the country and build factories for the jobless youth to be gainfully employed”, he said.

“Everything is party party, NDC is party NPP party. Are they giving you what you want? Be worried about your problems”, he indicated.

He suggested that Ghanaians need an individual with vision to run the affairs of the country rather than dwell on political parties which have over the years proven incapable of running the affairs of the country leading to a slob in economic activities.

To this end, he expressed doubts about the involvement of the URP in the November 7 polls indicating that he is yet to consider any such idea since the two major political parties in the country have disappointed the electorate.

By: Ghana/Ultimate1069.com/106.9fm