79% for NDC in Upper West, Is this a realistic target? Part 2

Let’s continue from where we stopped yesterday …..

As I intimated yesterday Wednesday, the target for Wa Central is not achievable though the incumbent stands a greater chance of winning.

The dynamics as I stated yesterday are numerous and this will also affect the votes of the presidential candidate of the NDC.

The NPP candidate is likely to increase his votes as well. With the emergence of Sherif Ghale of the PNC the dynamics may change for Wa Central in terms of votes to be accumulated by the major candidates.

Dr. Rashid Pelpuo, we would go back and check on that and give an update by next month.

In the Lambussie Constituency, the incumbent is coming up against a former DCE of the area Bright Yelviel-Dong Balige who is set to cause an upset in this election.

The incumbent has stepped on some toes and this is likely to cost him in November polls.

The ethnic card will be played but will not be enough to help the incumbent as long as the reconciliation is not genuine with grudges.

Lambussie is one of the seats the ruling party may lose in the elections. Nandom, one of the tricky constituencies we had to work in.

Two strong men contesting in this election will make it one of the hottest constituencies to watch out for.

Dr. Richard Kuu-ire and Ambrose Dery is what we call clash of titans. From what we got from the grounds though Kuu-ire is popular in the area, Hon. Dery’s human relations will help him in the elections and that traditional council support is not there for one particular candidate as was the case in the past.

However, getting a clear cut winner is still tough but presidential votes may decline for the NDC in the area due to a myriad of issues. We would revisit the area to do more.

Wa East, one interesting constituency to look out for. Dr. Henry Seidu Danaa and Godfred Tangu.

Though die hard NDC supporters in the area have concluded that the Chieftaincy Minister is on his way to Parliament, he will still need to work hard as ethnicity and cultural issues are working against him.

Some die hard traditional elements still believe a visually impaired man cannot lead them and would not want to vote for him.

His ethnic group is also a minority in the constituency.
Issues arising from the primaries will also affect his candidature. More work needs to be done if the NDC wants to win that constituency.
The votes in the last elections should tell the party that its not a done deal for them.
By: Ultimate1069.com/Ghana/106.9FM/Musah Lansah