It’s only God who is protecting us

Its Only God who is protecting us National Security is warning of a possible terror attack in Ghana and I shudder to ask, can we stop them?
I have travelled round the three regions of the north extensively and from where I stand I can say that, its only our creator who is protecting us.
Apart from the approved entry points we have in these areas, we have a lot of unapproved points too.
These points are so porous that we cannot count the number of foreigners who enter our country on daily basis.
For instance at Dikpe and Bagre in Lawra, the Burkinabes on the other side come into Ghana daily to shop and board vehicles to Accra as wel.
The same happens at Ntereso in the Northern Region where we even have rebels manning the Ivorian side of the border. You go to Kasanna in Sissala East is the same thing.
Not forgetting Mognori, Yelwongo, Sapeliga and Widnaba in the Upper East Region.
The worst part of my worry is the attitude of our security personnel on our roads. These guys hardly subject a vehicle to thorough checks.
In this case if a terrorist sits in a car from say Lawra with explosive devices how are we gonna apprehend him or her.
Our security personnel are not even equipped with state -of -the -art machines to do proper searches on vehicles, talk less of apprehending or detecting who a terrorist is or what explosives are in a vehicle.
I know when the Security Capos meet Parliamentarians they will as usual sing the chorus, “we are prepared” when they know next to nothing about what someone is carrying into the country.
I sat in a vehicle from Techiman to Sawla with a youngman who had a pump action gun with him but funny enough it was not detected at the police check points till I alighted.
After this experience, I concluded only God is protecting us.
Source: Lansah/ Broadcast Journalist