Kumasi-Based Think Tank Launched

A Kumasi based policy think tank has been launched to bring clarity to economic and political discussions in the country.

The think tank, Political and Economic Research Institute, Ghana (PERI) has been put together by a thirteen member research team drawn from academia and industry to shape policy discourse in the country.

Launching the think tank in Kumasi, the Chairman of PERI Ghana William Awuku Aheadomeh expressed worry at the level of untruth peddled by partisan political players for political expediency.

He assured that the think tank will be the fact finding body that will interrogate any information fed to the public by politicians.

Mr. Awuku Aheadomeh indicates that PERI Ghana has taken it upon itself to breakdown the facts about the country into local languages to better educate the less educated citizenry.

He observed that politicians confuse Ghanaians with figures.

Our job is to research into political and economic issues, if you listen to the politicians they throw to us data that we cannot easily understand, if you listen to all the political divide,  you put together the power generations that they said they have created, you find a…4,000 megawatts,  but here we are struggling to be at the marginal levels of power that we needed to run our businesses, that who is telling us the truth,’ he asked. 


By: Ultimate1069.com/Ghana/106.9FM