Church Deacon busted with stolen meat

A DEACON was caught red-handed with stolen meat.

Daily Sun reported that the discovery comes barely two weeks after church members complained that their cows were constantly going missing.

On Friday afternoon a deacon (50) and his nephew (30) were bust with meat from four stolen cows in Govan Mbeki kasi, Port Elizabeth.

The meat was allegedly from four pregnant cows. It was found stashed at the deacon’s house next to his toilet and behind his bed.

Cops said they were looking for a cellphone robber in the area when they stumbled on the suspects.

A cop said: “The victim of the cellphone robbery pointed us to the wrong house. While we were looking for this robber, we heard people near his backyard shack. When we checked, we saw a group of men jumping the fence. We also saw piles of meat.”

The cop said the deacon was taken in for questioning and he bust his nephew. Both men were arrested.

Angry cattle owners, baying for the deacon’s blood, begged the cops to hand the deacon over to them.

Cow owner Joel Ndumo (55) of Motherwell said: “All four of my pregnant cows went missing. I went to the cop shop to open a case.”

Captain Andre Beetge said: “So far, I can only confirm that a case of stock theft has been opened at Motherwell Police Station.”

Source: Daily Sun